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            Q: What are the different types of advertising?
    A: Print Advertising : newspapers , magazines , local amusement guides , etc . On line Advertising : paid per clicking , searching engines , banners , flash films , etc . Media Advertising : radio , television , Internet radio , etc . Outdoor Advertising : billboards , blimps , sporting events , etc . Mobile Advertising : Celie 's and other persons 
    Q: Is radio advertising useful in business advertising?
    A: is th's like for a class or to parody ?  Tech Support  Milk  Plumbers  carpeting cleaners  Do n't use drugs  My favourite public servicing ad was Remember if you Race with a Train You Lose   I truly like the on That Cayenne Chris Conroy did for Tekdiff podcast about Butter Guns 
    Q: What do i need for mobile advertising?
    A: Mobile advertising is the practice of placing adverts on vehicles and public transportationation nevertheless this term will now also mean advertising on cell telephones in the very near future . Basically portable advertising is everything that is feasible to mobilised and offer an advertisings .